Questions? Call us at 609-888-3074

Questions? Call us at 609-888-3074

String Care & Maintenance Tips

Before you play...

Wash your hands before attempting to play your string instrument. This can add longevity to the strings and keep the instrument in better playing condition. If wearing jewelry, make sure it doesn't touch the instrument. Loose Jewelry can get caught on the instrument or damage the finish. It's also important to make sure the instrument is in tune. Be sure to check the instrument for any issues, whether it be dings, dents or dirt build-up. Be aware of your surroundings, even light bumps can do more damage than you'd think.


Violins, Violas and Cellos all come assembled. In order to be ready to play, make sure the instrument is in tune and the bow has been tightened. Too tighten the bow, spin the screw clockwise until the bow hair is straight, and you can fit your index finger between the bow hair and the strings. You can then apply rosin to the bow by scratching up the surface of the rosin and dragging it across the bow hair.


To maintain the string instrument, it is important to properly clean it after each use. Properly caring for the instrument can help avoid repair costs and keep it in top playing condition.

  • Wipe down the body with microfiber cloth, and remove all rosin dust from instrument and the strings
  • From time to time, use a stringed instrument polish to protect finish

Care Tips

Like any instrument, the proper care of your stringed instrument is important in keeping it sanitary and playable. Keeping it safe is equally important as repairs can be costly and time consuming. Here are some tips for keeping your instrument in top shape.

  • Only use solvents that are specifically made for stringed instruments on their finish.
  • When not in use, always place the instrument back in its case.
  • Don't stack accessories or books on top of the instrument in the case, the pressure can cause damage.
  • stringed instruments are made of wood and are highly susceptible to temperature and humidity. Never leave it in a car or place that suffers from extreme conditions.
  • In certain climates and times of the year, a instrument humidifier in the case can prevent warping and shifting and keep the instrument in better playing condition.
  • Loosen the bow when not in use
  • Do not over tighten the strings, they will snap! If you aren't familiar with tuning instruments, ask a teacher or bring it to our repair department.


It’s advised that you get your stringed instrument professionally maintained once a year to make sure it’s in top playing condition and to prevent major damage. If you experience a problem or situation that is not covered here, have a question or you think that your instrument needs professional care, please reach out to us below.

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