Questions? Call us at 609-888-3074

Questions? Call us at 609-888-3074

Trumpet Care & Maintenance Tips

Before you play...

Wash your hands before attempting to play your Trumpet. The dirt and oil can tarnish the finish. Brushing your teeth or washing your mouth out will also help prevent build-up inside of the Trumpet. If wearing jewelry, make sure it doesn't touch the Trumpet. Loose Jewelry can get caught on the instrument or damage the finish. It's also important to make sure the valves are properly oiled. Be sure to check the instrument for any issues, whether it be dings, loose/worn parts or dirt buildup. Be aware of your surroundings, even light bumps can do more damage then you'd think.


Trumpets come fully assembled, except for the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece and receiver are made tapered, so gently inserting the mouthpiece is enough to hold it in place. Do not use excessive force, this can cause the mouthpiece to get stuck in the instrument. Remember, the mouthpiece must be taken off before you place the instrument back in its case.


In order to maintain the Trumpet, it is important to properly clean it after each use. Keeping it clean is also important for your health by avoiding the build up of bacteria. Moisture can build up in the Trumpet and cause damage. Household cleaners or other liquid cleaners should not be used on Trumpets.

  • For Exterior: Use a brass polishing cloth to gently wipe down the finish to remove any build-up and fingerprints.
  • For Interior: After each use, the trumpet should be emptied of moisture using the water keys on the front of the instrument. Blowing through the instrument and pressing those keys will empty the instrument.
  • For Mouthpiece: After each use wipe down and clean out mouthpiece. To deep clean the mouthpiece it can be submerged in warm water with dish detergent, then dried.

Care Tips

Like any instrument, the proper care of your Trumpet is important in keeping it sanitary and playable. Keeping it safe is equally important as repairs can be costly and time consuming. Here are some tips for keeping your Trumpet in top shape.

  • Do not stand the Trumpet on its bell, it can bend the bell or the instrument can fall over and be damaged.
  • Oil valves before every session and grease the slides once a week. Keeping the Trumpet properly lubricated will reduce friction and wear.
  • The mouthpieces don't require much force to sit in the receiver. If the mouthpiece is pressed to hard it can get stuck. If it does get stuck, do not try and remove it yourself. It can cause more severe damage and should be done by a professional.
  • When putting the Trumpet in the case, don't put extra accessories in the case on top of the instrument. The pressure could damage the Trumpet.
  • Never leave your Trumpet in extreme temperatures.


It’s advised that you get your Trumpet professionally maintained at least once a year to make sure it’s in top playing condition and to prevent major damage. If you experience a problem or situation that is not covered here, have a question anything Trumpet related or you think that your Trumpet needs professional care, please reach out to us below.

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